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From the Desk of:
Clay Montgomery


Greetings Fellow Entrepreneurs,

With the recent emergence of several world class high ticket business opportunities, it has become apparent that the vast majority of online marketers are attracted by the earnings potential that high ticket offers compared to low ticket.

Would you rather earn a $1000 commission for each sale you make or a $25 commission for each sale?

With a $1000 commission per sale, it would take 1000 sales to earn $1 Million. With a $25 commission per sale, it would take 40,000 sales to earn $1 Million.

This is the very definition of Working Smarter, Not Harder.

For the past 6 months I have been building two separate high ticket businesses. Digital Altitude and Exitus Elite. While I have earned a substantial amount in commissions in both programs, I learned something along the way that ultimately paved the way for the birth of Speed Feeder.

For every 1 person who joined my business, there were at least 3 other prospects who really loved the opportunity and the products and wanted to join but simply did not have the means to come up with the money.

No matter how many good funding options you present to your prospects, there will always be people who don't qualify for any of them.

For example:

Maybe they don't have a credit card with enough credit available.

 Or they don't have any savings because they're used to living from paycheck to paycheck.

 Finding something with enough value that they can sell and still live without isn't an option for them either.

 Getting a loan from a bank won't work for them because of bad credit or no credit or nothing to use for collateral.

 And borrowing money from friends or relatives is out of the question because they've gone that route before and for whatever reason the business venture failed.

Chances are you came to this website today because someone introduced you to a high ticket business and during their follow up they determined that you fall into the category I just described.

You'll be happy to know that Speed Feeder was specifically designed with you in mind.

You now have the perfect solution to getting into your favorite high ticket business with a much more affordable one-off cost of only $100.

Your $100 purchase will also give you access to our extensive Internet Marketer's Emerald Training Library with a real value of more than $1,645.


Speed Feeder is the greatest Money Multiplier ever devised and will help you:

  • Turn a $100 bill into $1,950 over and over again thanks to Paid Re-entries
  • Earn a 100% Sponsor Match, up to $1,950, on each person you refer to Speed Feeder
  • Earn a 100% Sponsor Match on your referrals Re-Entry positions as well
  • Get the money you need to join one [or more] of today's hottest high ticket offers like Exitus Elite, Digital Altitude, Tecademics Internet Marketing College, Enagic or MOBE.
  • Increase sales conversions for your high ticket business offer by 300-400% by offering people a solution to their funding problem
  • Generate plenty of additional funds to use toward paid advertising for your high ticket offer – which will in turn generate 100's or 1000's of hot leads and subscribers and anyone who doesn't join your business directly becomes a prime candidate for Speed Feeder… with you as their sponsor of course






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